Nearly 5 Million dollars in Canadian coins spilled on highway

A Brinks tractor trailer carrying over 5 million dollars in Canadian coins crashed  along a snowy stretch of northeastern Ontario highway 11, near Kirkland Lake, Ontario. Police closed the stretch of highway while cleanup crews picked up all the loonies and toonies. Sadly, the driver and his passenger were severely injured, both are in critical condition as the truck slammed against a rock cut off the road.

OPP Const. Marc Depatie said highways were re-opened late Wednesday night after the majority of coins had been cleared from the scene.

“When I first attended the scene it was like walking on a carpet of loonies and toonies. It was a little surreal,” said Depatie. “In terms of scale and value of cargo and overall uniqueness, this occurrence certainly stands out.”

Depatie also said the coins, which were “contaminated” by road salt and the elements, will have to be treated before they are allowed into circulation. Which is odd I think because once they are in circulation, coins are contaminated with all kinds of other crap, and paper money is worse because well, it’s absorbent…



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