Mysterious hum in Windsor, ON traced back to Zug Island, Michigan

For over a year now, Windsor area residents have reportedly complained to town officials and police about a lingering sound. Some kind of low hum apparently similar to an idling truck or locomotive.

The continuous noise had been tracked by the Seismic testing by Natural Resources Canada last summer narrowing it down to a 1-square-kilometer (0.4 of a square mile) industrial area of Zug Island in River Rouge, Mich.

The sound, captured here by an amateur videographer, on the Canadian side of the border, and here by another American videographer in Michigan, and here again by another videographer that doesn’t specify his location but sounds American. A slight warning about this last video, it’s not only scary but there is also some cursing uttered by the guy operating the camera.

Windsor officials have now determined that the noise does in fact come from the Zug Island area, but officials in River Rogue, Mich., where Zug Island is located, have said they don’t have the money to find the precise source of the noise.

Jim Bradley, Ontario’s environment minister, said the ministry has received nearly 500 complaints about the noise, and about 22,000 residents took part in a telephone forum in February about the hum. Complaints from citizens include lack of sleep, migraines, dizziness, concentration problems, ear-aches and nausea.



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