Woman donates kidney to her ailing boss, promptly gets fired

Granted that headline may be a tad misleading, but in a nutshell that’s exactly what happened to 47-year-old Deborah Stevens, proving that no good deed goes unpunished.  Or something.

Stevens was employed at Atlantic Automotive Group in New York for more than a year before she decided to leave for the sunny skies and sandy beaches of Florida.  It was during this time of her employment at AAG that her boss, Jacqueline Brucia, started having health issues that left her needing a kidney replacement.  Stevens told Brucia that if she ever needed a kidney she could have one of hers, then moved on down to the Sunshine State.

Well, Stevens ended up moving back to New York, and was able to get her old job back working under her old boss who still needed that kidney.  Stevens kept her promise and in August 2011 the Stevens/Brucia kidney transplant was a success.  However, Stevens didn’t realize how long and painful her recovery period would be, but still managed to get back to work on September 6 despite an unbelievable amount of pain.

Then things went seriously downhill.


“It appeared I was used. She used her power and she manipulated me,” said Stevens.

The boss who once asked for the gift of life — turned into an ungrateful monster, finding fault in everything Stevens did.

“She accused me of not doing my job, she’d yell at me every day. She made me feel guilty about the pain I was in.”

Stevens couldn’t take it anymore and went to human resources. They informed her they had heard from other employees that Brucia was harassing Stevens. They in turn moved Stevens to another dealership fifty miles away, and than abruptly fired her.

” I felt like my heart was ripped out,” said Stevens.

Sounds like Ms. Brucia could have used a heart transplant on top of the kidney she finagled off of Stevens.  The latter has filed a lawsuit with the Division of Human Rights against her former boss and workplace.

Asked if she would do it all over again, Stevens gave the most obvious answer in the history of obvious answers…

Stevens says if she had to do it all over again, she would not.

Uh, ya think?


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