New spray invented that instantly makes people drunk without hangover aftereffects

A Parisian exhibition has showcased a truly bizarre concoction: an aerosol mouth spray that immediately imparts drunkenness and inebriation.

The chemical, called WA|HH Quantum Sensations Spray, was designed to allow people to experience the drunken condition without having to endure the unpleasant side effects of intoxication.

Each puff of the spray has 0.075ml of alcohol, meaning that it would take approximately 1000 inhalations to have the equivalent of one standard drink.

The effect of the intoxication is very short lived, lasting less than a minute and it is even possible to pass a breathalyzer test after washing out one’s mouth.

A canister of the spray contains only 2ml of alcohol and costs $26.

Alcohol in an aerosol: the intoxicant of the future?


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