Man injured riding motorized bar stool, wtf?

ummm... yeah... we so need motorized bar stools.

ummm... yeah... we so need motorized bar stools.

A 53-year old British man, living in Middlebury (outside of Bristol) received minor injuries after crashing his motorized bar stool. *double take*

Yes, a motorized bar stool.

The man, James Kleckner, was taking the stool with a small engine attached on a little jaunt around the block when it crashed. Sustaining minor injuries, police to Kleckner to the hospital where he was found to be good as gold.

Kleckner admitted to drinking alcohol before the crash but wasn’t intoxicated, which means he can’t use alcohol as his excuse for deciding to motorize a bar stool.

Police didn’t charge Kleckner with anything and it’s doubtful he’ll be taking another joy ride on his bar stool anytime soon. There is a reason why stools were made for sitting… and not driving.  Source.  Picture.

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