Arizona man convicted of arson dies on courtroom floor from apparent suicide immediately after hearing verdict

Michael Marin, a former attorney, banker and art collector, had just been found guilty in a Phoenix courtroom of intentionally burning down his $3.5 million mansion when, after appearing shocked and distraught at the ruling,  appeared to put something in his mouth.  Moments later the 53-year-old went into convulsions and collapsed on the courtroom floor, dead of what appears to be an apparent suicide, after doctors pronounced him at a local hospital.

Talk about putting a damper on the possibility of an appeal.

Marin was looking at 16 years in prison after being found guilty of arson of an occupied structure.  He had torched his home when he could no longer make the mortgage payments, but only after the house had failed to sell at a charity auction.  Marin was busted fleeing the fire by climbing down a rope ladder while wearing scuba gear.

Here’s the video (warning: it’s a bit difficult to watch)…

Toxicology tests will be carried out on Marin’s body and the bottle of water he drank from right before he collapsed and died.

They say if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.  Apparently Michael Marin never heard this saying before burning down his mansion, getting caught fleeing the scene in a scuba suit, and (allegedly) slipping himself a suicide pill after being found guilty of arson.  I’d say live and learn, but it’s a little too late for that.

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