Devils’ coach Pete DeBoer is a little devil!

Porn star Taylor Stevens had been sitting behind the New Jersey Devils’ bench for the last playoff game in Los Angeles, supposedly in an attempt to distract the players into losing. But Devils’ coach Pete DeBoer considers her a good luck charm, he is even offering to buy her tickets for tonight’s game.

So far, she is 0-1 though, as the Devils have won that game as well as the one in New Jersey on Saturday, extending the Stanley Cup final to 6 games as the Kings attempt to clinch their first Stanley Cup in history. They’ve also moved me from second to third place in my Stanley Cup finals pool but I digress. (Damn you Devils! Damn youuu!)

Stevens, a 24-year-old Maple Leafs fan from Toronto, said she tried to distract the Devils in Game 4, but it didn’t work as they survived elimination in both Games 4 and 5.

The Kings lead the series 3-2 going into tonight’s game 6.

In the video below, DeBoer can be seen eyeing Taylor’s assets, before moving next to them in order to get a better view on the giant screen at the arena.

Simple, effective, devilish. Smart man. Stevens has already said she would attend tonight’s game 6, in Los Angeles.

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