Police/Paramedics forget injured accident victim in highway center divider

Around 1am on Sunday morning a driver lost control of his vehicle on highway 15 near Montreal, striking another vehicle, then the security barrier and ending up in the center lane. Police and paramedics arrived on the scene and found the driver injured and possibly drunk, he refused to take a blood test but was taken to hospital.

However; The parents of another man contacted police later on Sunday to report him missing, stating that he might have been involved in an accident in the same area. The police directed them to the local hospital where the driver of the accident described above was taken. Once there, they recognized that the man wasn’t their family member, so they returned on the scene of the accident and found him unconscious in the middle ditch, hidden by tall herbs.

Police spokeswoman Christine Coulombe reported that none of the people involved mentioned another passenger, or that he was missing.  Police are still investigating what might have gone wrong.

What I wonder though: What is the name of the victim, was it Waldo? Police aren’t saying.



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