Burger King now offering bacon ice cream across USA

Burger King USA has introduced on its menu a nightmarishly delightful flavour of ice cream: Bacon.

The offering, that is now available at over 7500 Burger King restaurants across the United States, contains a whopping 510 calories, 18 grams of fat and 61 grams of sugar. Americans, with their ever growing hunger for impressively rich foods, phenomenally large portions and ever cheaper and faster food, are recognized as the natural predators for this dessert.

Prognosticated to further increase the average US citizen’s circumference, the bacon ice cream should be priced around 2.49$

Obviously all the health and care organisms are lodging the usual complaints about cholesterol, salt contents (it has salt) and other health risks, notwithstanding the fact that instead of complaining about the easy availability of bionic junk food, they could simply educate young Americans to a healthier, more active and perhaps moderate lifestyle.

Wii Fit Bacon edition? Nah, I think I’ll go for a road trip to Plattsburgh’s Burger King branch. My circumference can use all the help it can get…


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