Aussie billionaire plans to build real life Jurassic Park

Australian billionaire Clive Palmer is a businessman from Queensland, Australia, most widely known as owner of Mineralogy and his investments in other natural resource companies. As of March 2012 his net worth was estimated by Forbes magazine to be A$8 billion.

He is also somewhat set on his plans to clone some dinosaurs from ancient DNA and make himself a Jurassic Park type resort. He reportedly plans to do this in Coolum, Australia.

Palmer hasn’t publicly addressed the Jurassic Park rumours, however, he has scheduled a press conference in Brisbane on Friday.

Extreme Tech’s Ryan Whitwan warns dinosaur lovers not to get their hopes up.

“Assuming that a benevolent billionaire had magical, perfect dinosaur DNA, we don’t even have the living cells we’d need to birth a dinosaur,” he explains. “It’s not a question of technology, or of funding… We’re never going to return dinosaurs or any other ancient creature to Earth because their genes are long gone.”

So people think this is a good idea? Kids, if you’re going to clone something, wouldn’t you rather clone something interesting like John Ritter or Michael Hutchence?


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