Buffalo couple to remarry one another after 50 year divorce

Lena Henderson and Roland Davis met when they were teenagers back in the 1950s, they soon married and had four children after which they decided to divorce in 1964.

Davis eventually remarried and moved to Colorado with his second wife, however a few months ago when she died, his children decided that they didn’t want the old man to spend the rest of his life alone so they urged him to move back east which he did.

One day, as he was preparing to move back to New York state, Davis asked his old flame Lena Handerson if she would remarry him and she said yes! The couple of 85 year olds will be married at Elim Christian Fellowship Church in Central Park Plaza in Buffalo next Saturday.

Their children claim that they never had anything but kind words about one another even after they were divorced, and that they always acted like best of friends. The reasons for the divorce are not stated.

Good luck to both of them and in the words of Monty Python’s Flying Circus, Wink Wink, Nudge Nudge…

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