Topless driver evades police where hundreds of shirt wearing men failed

We’ve all seen the police chase videos, on the increasingly obsolete television, or more modernly, on sites like YouTube and If you pay attention all the videos they show have a single, somewhat painful ending which is usually summed up by about twelve policemen’s knees to the back of an increasingly less fleeing suspect.

Not so in the case of Mandy Ramsey that allegedly refused to stop when she was clocked at 70mph in a zone where the posted limit was 55. The police gave chase but after several dangerous maneuvers including the eradication of a tree from a neighborhood front yard the police actually lost her!

MANDY! MANDY! They screamed and screamed like Barry Manilow… just kidding. In a scandalous waste of resources, Florida police actually used a helicopter to eventually find the pickup truck she was driving parked in its owner’s driveway. Couldn’t they just run the plates?

The police knocked at the door of owner James Woodard, yes I know, aspiring adult film actors can’t BUY names like that yet this is his actual name, understandingly so considering his girlfriend shows up topless from time to time but we’ll get to that in a moment. Mr.Woodard said he hadn’t driven that truck recently and that’s when Mandy (Mandy!) showed up explaining she didn’t stop because she was driving topless to surprise her boyfriend.

I’m however sad to report that even a full blown Facebook page search hasn’t turned up any topless pictures of Mandy. Also hang on: Mandy and Brandy? Who named them? Dr.Seuss?

Having said that though, I just want to point out that this is the case of an EXCELLENT idea gone wrong. Good plan, bad execution. So I’m going to revive the We Interrupt to give you a tip of the week segment and address all the women out there who might have a copycat urge. Girls, if you’re going to drive around topless, make sure you respect the posted speed limits, signs and other rules and regulations that might be in effect wherever you plan on driving topless.

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