Bigfoot hoaxer ends up dead on Montana highway after being struck by two cars

Listen, whether you’re trying to stir things up, or just doing it for a gag, if you’re going to try and pull a fast one on an unsuspecting public by dressing up as Bigfoot so that people would call it in as a Sasquatch sighting, remember it’s always safety first.  Unfortunately this guy forgot that cardinal rule when he donned a ghillie suit in an attempt to impersonate the mythical creature.  For those of you who don’t know, a ghillie suit is a camouflage suit designed to resemble vegetation or foliage, and is used mainly by hunters.

Randy Lee Tenley was killed on U.S. Highway 93 near Kalispell, Montana, after being struck by two cars in succession.  The 44-year-old was hit by a car driven by a 15-year-old girl in the southbound lanes of the highway, then moments later run over by a car driven by a 17-year-old as he lay injured in the road.  So why was Tenley milling around a Montana highway in the middle of the night clad in a dark camouflage outfit?

The aforementioned Bigfoot hoax, of course.

From Reuters

“From what I understand, at least one of his friends said that he was trying to induce a sasquatch sighting by using the suit along the highway,” Montana Highway Patrol spokesman Sergeant Steve Lavin said. “This is a first for me after 20 years on the highway patrol. It’s strange.”

Tenley was first hit by a car driven by a 15-year-old girl (15-year-olds are allowed to drive in Montana with a learner’s permit). A second car driven by a 17-year-old girl struck him moments later when he was already down on the roadway, Lavin said. Police said they do not know which impact killed him.

Apparently this wasn’t Tenley’s first shot at a sasquatch sighting hoax, but rest assured, it is definitely his last.


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