Mom Gets Fine For Letting Toddler Pee In Street

Potty training your toddler puts a lot of pressure on the parent. When you hear those words, “I got to PEEEEEE,” from the mouth of your offspring you know that means NOW because they’re just getting used to those warning signs building in their bodies. And usually that now happens whether you help them or not, pants down or not.

For one Philadelphia mother, her 2-year old son’s decision to pee on the side of the street when a retail store refused to let him use the bathroom, resulted in her getting a $50 ticket from a police officer and a lecture on parenting.

“I’m absolutely going to fight it,” Caroline Robboy told NBC News. “It was a potty-training accident.”

She was shopping with her three kids and elderly in-laws when the call of nature hit the toddler. Being refused at the store they were in meant they all had to journey over to a restaurant, but the little boy just couldn’t make it.

Instead of peeing in his pants, he pulled them down and the cop gave Robboy a ticket for public urination.

Maybe if the little boy kept his pants on and peed through them they might have been saved the ticket.  [Source ] [Picture]



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