Easy Money: $62 million dollars is yours if you can woo this lesbian away from her civil partner

If you thought winning the lottery was the only way to become a multi-millionaire in a relatively shot amount of time, then have I got some wonderful news for you.  Now you—so long as you’re an eligible heterosexual male—can make yourself $62 million the easy way, providing you can win the heart of Gigi Chao, the very lovely daughter of Hong Kong billionaire Cecil Chao.

Sounds easy enough, right?  So long as you’ve got it going on in the looks department, and are charming and witty to boot, then you might have a shot at wooing Gigi.  Wait, did I mention she’s a lesbian who recently married her partner of seven years in a civil union in Paris this past April?  Yeah, that changes the dynamic just a bit, now doesn’t it.

Seems playboy daddy doesn’t approve of Gigi’s lifestyle choice, going so far as to assure any would-be suitor that his daughter is by  no means a lesbian, and has never been married in any way, shape or form.  The money—HKdollars 500 million ($A62 million)—is “an inducement to attract someone who has the talent but not the capital to start his own business,” according to Chao.  Nobody said homophobia comes cheap.

Said Chao…

“I don’t mind whether he is rich or poor. The important thing is that he is generous and kindhearted. Gigi is a very good woman with both talents and looks. She is devoted to her parents, is generous and does volunteer work,” he told Hong Kong media.

One little item that Chao conveniently left out is that HIS DAUGHTER IS A LESBIAN WHO HAS ENTERED INTO A CIVIL UNION WITH HER PARTNER OF SEVEN YEARS!  But I digress.

Chao, who claims to have bedded over 10,000 women, should know that trying to get a player to switch teams is a near impossibility.  Sure they may take a few cuts out of curiosity, but they will always go back to their preferred team, and it’s best just to accept them for who they are, no matter what their sexual preference is, and not even the ultimate man armed with the charm of George Clooney, the face of Ryan Gosling, the body of Matthew McConaughey, and the hair of Brad Pitt could ever change that fact.

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