Pizza shop owner power lifts Obama, was it staged?

Unless you’ve spent the week-end on a deserted island with a volleyball named Wilson, you’ve doubtlessly seen the video of Scott Van Duzer giving US President Barack Obama a bear hug, power lifting him off the floor under the eye of the secret service, various body guards and the obvious cell phone photographers.

The whole scene seemed odd because if I were to arbitrarily walk up to a political personality, and not even one of much importance such as the newly elected Quebec Prime Minister, and try and power lift/bear hug her three very distinct things would happen:

Firstly I don’t think I could wrap my entire arms around her, secondly I’d throw my back out and thirdly, I wouldn’t make it that far because I’d be intercepted by an electric tazer gun, and immediately power kneed to the back by about eleven large bodyguards.

So obviously yes, the whole Obama/Van Duzer incident was staged, the secret service did allow the man to power hug/lift Obama and all they told him was not to take him away which is obvious because well, US President…

Having said that, enjoy the video.



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