Cows Get Their Own Pageant In China

A pageant for cows? Hey, why not? They’re big and give us milk and food. Why not praise the bovine in a beauty pageant of sorts. I mean, there’s pageants for dogs and cats, even horses get praised. Let’s not forget that four legged milk bearer, the sacred cow.

So cows and ladies gathered, with the farmers and watchers, in China’s Shanxi province for their beauty contest. Judged on the quality of their milk, their appearance, and their pedigree, the cows did their thing and waited for the judges to decide.

Only one could win, and with the first place finish came 50,000 RMB roughly $7,900 US. But one thing plagues me…

What’s with all the ladies in bikinis? Perhaps it’s more about the human flesh than the bovine’s milk. Any excuse for nakedness. Source 

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