Naked Man Walks Out Of Woods, Into TV Interview

oh my, oh my, what did you do with your clothes young man?

Some people get their 15 minutes of fame and some get it with interruptions. This is what happened to Eva Halpain and John Manassel of Benton, Arkansa.

The elderly couple were being interviewed by CNN about damaged caused to their home when a storm blew a tree into it. What no one anticipated was a naked 22-year old man walking out of the woods.

Manassel drew attention to the man saying, “What is this out there that we got?” Then he continued to heighten the situation by yelling he should “start an ass-kicking contest.” At this point the camera crew had no choice but to turn around and filmed the man aimlessly wandering with no clothes.

The Sheriff came, the man was arrested, and as to be expected drugs were involved. Reports say the man was very high on drugs and is now charged with public indecency and public intoxication. Another reason why drugs don’t pay… you get arrested and embarrassed on national TV.  [Source]

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