99 days until doomsday, where will you be?

People are odd. A few years ago, when this whole phenomenon about the Mayan calendar coming to an abrupt end began, people were panicking, the social media were filled with posts about how we would come with the impending doom and the inevitable photocopier salesman taking over our country.

Now though, with only 99 days remaining, or less, depending on when you’ll be reading this, everyone is all like “Dude, chill.”

Why? Have an overabundance of tranquillizing drugs been pumped in our drinking water by the photocopier salesman? Perhaps. One thing’s for sure though, if you have an event, real or fictitious, there will be someone to profit from it.

So with that in mind, the travel agents have already begun pushing “Doomsday Tourism” on the general public and of course, collecting pocketfuls of dubloons!

Where will you be on December 21st? One thing’s for sure, assuming that the doomsday prediction is real, I’d not want to be anywhere near the Mayan pyramids. Seems logic no?


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