Unopened Montreal sushi bar ‘Fukyu’ forced to change name preemptively

Imagine that you’re opening a business, a restaurant let’s say, and that just a few weeks before your restaurant is going live, the neighbors get wind of the name you’ll give the restaurant. Imagine that the name you’ve picked for it, is a Japanese word that represents a kata from a form of Japanese martial arts. Sounds classy right?

Then the neighbors see the sign. It reads ‘Fukyu Bar a Sushi.’

Now, Montreal is not supposed to be a prominently English city, in fact the governing body insists that it’s mostly French. Sadly for Kobu Heng, one of the owners and partners, judge Kirkland Casgrain disagreed and ordered the restaurant administration to cover up the sign within 24 hours of the August 23rd judgement.

The restaurant did open in July with the Fukyu sign up, and one of the tenants, a company that sells funeral urns didn’t really enjoy the name’s humorous tone, because you know, funeral urns are much more serious business than sushi and so came an official complaint and the aforementioned judgement.

The restaurant is about to reopen with a new name: “Kabuki” a name from the traditional Japanese theater which according to one owner, is poetically fitting because of all the drama the story caused.


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