Toddler Dies During Game of Hide and Seek

Kylee Mills Simmerman

In what has to be one of the most devastating things to happen in a parent’s life, a 3-year old girl in the United States. died during a game of hide and seek in her own home.

During the game, Kylee Mills Simmerman a Kentucky native, decided to unzip a bean bag chair and hide inside it. It was a hiding spot that was a little bit too good because family couldn’t find her and a frantic search began to find the little girl. Firefighters were called in and the family searched high and low until they found the little girl. Unfortunately, it was soon enough.

Alone in the zipped up bean bag chair, little Kylee suffocated to death because her hiding spot was so airtight.

The family is beyond devastated, as is to be expected. It is a sad, sad story indeed and one that is breaking the heart of more than the family. [Source ]


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