Seagull Steals Camera, Takes Video

Johnathon Livingstone Seagull has nothing on this guy.

A French tourist was filming the San Francisco sunset when a seagull swooped down from the sky and stole her camera. Luckily for her, the feathered friend didn’t drop the device which was still recording.

Instead, the bird flew with the camera, recording things at an angle no human has ever captured before (at least not in this way.)

After a brief flight the bird landed with the camera, as if it placed the thing on the ground so as not to break it. Taking a couple of quick bites, the bird realized this was nothing worth eating and took off again, leaving it for it’s rightful owner to find minutes later.

Video was posted to Youtube as “a San Francisco sunset I’ll never forget” and is reaching the 2 million viewer mark, once again giving us a little something to enjoy on the 5 minute break from work. [ Source] [ Picture]

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