Why does Lindsay Lohan keep driving?

Lindsay Lohan was arrested, again. This time she allegedly ‘touched lightly’ a pedestrian while parking her vehicle in front of a New York City hotel early this morning and since in the US lightly touching someone unintentionally with a vehicle equals major lawsuit, well, here we are…

The unnamed man in his 30s who allegedly got his knee banged by the actress’ Porsche Cayenne, was not knocked down by the vehicle and had no visible injuries, but was still taken to hospital.

Is his claim laced with Frauduline ™ ? I’m going to go out on a limb here, and guess that yes.

Time will tell about the Frauduline ™ but surely the actress is denying all the charges and plans on fighting them all the way to the end. Lohan was released after being charged with the misdemeanor offense of leaving the scene of an accident and released with a desk appearance ticket.

On the other hand, why does she insist on taking the wheel for God’s sake? You’re Lindsay Lohan, I’m willing to bet a Paypal dollar that 100% of available American men would be more than happy to drive you around. Oh wait, could it be that by court order Lohan is the only sober member of her party? Argh…things have not gone well for the talented actress.


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