Girl Gets Plate In The Face During Drunken Brawl At Restaurant

Halloween. The costumes. The candy. The drunken people getting into fights in restaurants after the clubs close.

I mean, when else will you see a couple of girls take off their heels and forget about the just below the butt hem line and fully duke it out? Where else will you see the juiced up beefy guys get in on the action after their ladies have started throwing the punches. And where else will you see a flight come flying through the sky to smash a woman in the face?

Only on Halloween.

Or any other “holiday” where it’s encouraged to go out and drink your face off, well beyond the limit your body wants you to.

For the record: the fight happened at a pho restaurant in Toronto, corner of Spadina and Dundas West. Apparently, the patrons were fighting over space in the restaurant and of course the other patrons were more than happy to film and laugh at the spectacle.  [ Source.]  [ Picture. ]


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