Man Found Dead In Steamer At Fish Factory

These days it’s sad times around the Bumble Bee Foods factory, where an employee was found dead after being “cooked” in a steamer.

Jose Melena, 62, worked at the seafood canning factory for six years. His body was found by co-workers inside one of the ovens. There is still no word or clue as to how he got in there.

Based in California, a state health official confirmed the fatal injury and told the Whittier Daily News that Melena was indeed “cooked” in the steamer machine.

Operations are halted until the investigation uncovered how Melena ended up in the machine.

It would make for a great setting for a new Clue game, no? The canning factory… was it death by steam or poison fish?

Joking aside, respect and wishes to the family. [ Source ]


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