Chinese couple refuse to leave home, so government builds highway around their place


Who says you can’t fight the government?  Mr. and Mrs. Luo Baogen of Xiazhangyang,  Zhejiang province, that’s who.  Not happy with the relocation compensation offered to them by the government, the Chinese couple have refused to move out of their home, thereby preventing workers from demolishing the dilapidated apartment building.

Because of the impasse between the Baogen’s and the government, authorities went ahead and completed the new roadway—which winds through the village to the Wenling railway station—but left the building intact by paving the road around the apartment complex..

While it may look peaceful in the picture, that’s only because the road hasn’t officially been opened yet.  When that happens expect the traffic going around the Baogen’s house to be heavy and somewhat unbearable.

But let’s try and accentuate the positives of their current living situation…

1.  easy access to the highway

2.  no lawn to mow

3.  low property taxes

4.  no nosy neighbors

5.  all the tasty exhaust fumes you can inhale

That being said, good luck trying to sell that place.  Real estate agents say that the three most important features of a home are location, location, location, and a house/apartment stuck in the middle of a highway would probably appeal to no one.

[NZ Herald]


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