Chinese entrepreneur boosts her online business by dolling up her grand-father

Lu Qing, who lives in the Quangdong (Opa Quangdong Style?) province says she multiplied her sales by five once she started posting pictures of her grand-father Liu Xianping dressed in the clothes she sells online.

“We used to sell as little as ten articles per day, it was depressing…” Lu Qing said to the AFP press agency, “…now we’re selling over 50.” The website owner says she was the first one who was surprised by the success her grand-father’s photos had, “He’s become an online celebrity!” she said.

Liu Xianping is a 72-year-old grandfather who has taken the Internet by storm by wearing eccentric women’s clothes. He’s been qualified as being the coolest grand-father in the world.

Clearly, they’ve never heard of Chuck Norris although I’d hate to be the one telling Chuck that he has to dress like a girl to be popular online. Come to think of it, if that’s all it takes, it explains the suckcess (I meant that typo) some artists like Rihanna, Justin Bieber or Nikki Minaj are having.

Wait. I’m told neither of them is a dude.


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