Man Gets Intimate With A Donkey, Calls Laws Against It Backward

CARLOS-ROMEROLooking at the smiling mug shot of 31-year old Carlos Romero you might think he’s a nice looking young man. And who’s to say he isn’t nice. One thing the picture won’t tell you is he likes having sex with horses and donkeys. It also won’t tell you that this man thinks the laws against zoophilia are backward and that people should be allowed to get intimate with our furry animals friends.

(yeah, I know.. wtf????)

Romero was arrested after being seen repeatedly with his pants down behind a 21-month old miniature donkey. After his arrest he willingly told police every time the mare was in heat he would rub her and himself. This wasn’t all he admitted.

The Florida man said he’s never been a people person because they “stab you in the back,” “give you diseases,” and are “promiscuous.” But to him animals are always there for you and he’d rather be with them.

That’s not all. He’s enraged his donkey has been taken away by animal control and says there should be “due process” to determine if the animal was being hurt especially since he paid $500 for the animal.

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