F1 champions Raikkonen and Vettel drop respective S— and F— bombs on Abu Dabi podium

It was an exciting Formula 1 race on Sunday in Abu Dabi, a race that saw three world champions take the podium in order with Kimi Raikkonen first, Fernando Alonso second and Sebastian Vettel taking in third place.

Ex-F1 driver and BBC sports broadcaster David Coulthard was charged with conducting the post-race podium interviews when appallingly (for a family broadcast) The Finnish known as “Ice Man” Kimi Raikkonen decided to use the word s… in the sentence “…gave me s…

Naturally, not to be outdone by his Finnish counterpart, current champion and championship leader Sebastian Vettel used the term, “f… it up…” during his own interview much to Fernando Alonso’s dismay. Alonso and Coulthard stood there looking like innocent bystanders confronted by two guilty parties.

The exciting race was made more so by several incidents which caused the pace car to come out twice, and several drivers to be unable to finish either due to damage from accidents, or mechanical failures. Noting however that the FIA appears not to have fined the drivers like the NHL does when its players make certain gestures, mainly with their middle-fingers, and generally towards one of the four officials. In fact the FIA seems to have completely ignored them.

Not being one for censorship, I tend to agree. They’re just words. Misplaced and badly chosen perhaps, but still only words.

Still the Fin has always made me laugh, here’s a video showing him during the race, telling his pit engineer to basically smeg off…



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