Woman Ordered To Wear “Idiot” Sign For Driving On Sidewalk

Driving On Sidewalk

Driving On Sidewalk
This is perhaps one of the best rulings to ever come out of traffic court.

A 32-year old woman in Ohio (US) has been ordered to wear a sign that says,”Only an idiot drives on the sidewalk to avoid stopping for a school bus” on the corner of a busy intersection for driving on the sidewalk to avoid having to stop for a school bus. Not only was she stopped by police, she was caught on video by the driver of the bus.

How did he know she’d drive on the sidewalk? Turns out Shena Hardin has been doing it on a regular basis. When the school bus would stop to pick-up kids at a certain stop Hardin was always there and would always drive on the sidewalk so she didn’t have to wait.

Hardin tried to plead not guilty, but alas, the proof is in the footage. Her license has been suspended for 30-days, she’s been slapped with a $250 fine and more importantly she’ll suffer well earned embarrassment when she wears that “idiot” sign for all to see for two days. [ Source ]

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