How many cats does it take for it to start getting creepy?

It was a horrific surprise for the Hoarders show producers and staff when as they were shooting an episode of the unwatchable reality show they discovered what their reality star named Terry showed them: Between 75 and 100 cat corpses in her freezer.

The lady admitted to keeping the carcasses in order to one day have them cremated, but lack of funds kept her from doing it so far thereby forcing her to keep them in the freezer to prevent putrefaction. It’s unclear how the cats died but Terry, who initially claimed to love animals wound up having to admit that she didn’t love them as much as she thought, “…cause I treated them so horrible…” she said in a thick redneck accent.

Sadly for the crew, the freezer wasn’t up to par either as many of the cats were found to have liquefied inside their bags. The actual episode which aired last Sunday is available to view online here although to sit through that, most people will likely need some anti-emetic drugs.

I leave you with the following thoughts:

I mostly like animals, having several at home. Some I truly enjoy having like the guinea-pig and miniature Pug.

Others like the smoke detector imitating cockatiel, I tolerate only because on the one hand I don’t have it in me to hurt an animal, on the other hand in Canada we’re not allowed to own firearms without a valid justification and “Because I want to shoot an annoying parrot.” apparently doesn’t qualify as a justified cause.

Having said that, I’ve had to euthanize a hamster some years ago and I don’t have any remorse, it was old and sick, couldn’t eat and was suffering so I ingeniously gassed it with Propane. But I’ve never stored any of our deceased pets in the freezer… Who does that?


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