Wisconsin couple saved from house fire by their heroic pet chicken

A Milwaukee, Wisc. couple says that their beloved pet chicken Cluck Cluck heroically saved their lives this past Thursday after the chicken’s incessant and loud clucking alerted the couple to the fact that their house was on fire.

Dennis Murawska and his wife, Susan Cotey, were asleep in their bed when they were awoken by Cluck Cluck’s, well, clucking, from his cage in the basement.  Apparently the chicken has been known to get quite vocal when excited, so Murawska knew something was amiss even though the home’s smoke alarms hadn’t sounded.

From KBOI2

Murawska said he had been half awake but didn’t know about the fire because the smoke alarms hadn’t gone off. He realized something was wrong when his wife got up.

The couple escaped, and firefighters found the chicken in its cage and one of the cats alive in the basement. Another cat hasn’t been found and is presumed dead, Murawska said. The couple and their surviving cat checked into a Black River Falls hotel, while Cluck Cluck is staying with the neighbor who used to own her.

The couple had inherited Cluck Cluck after it had started wandering over to their property on occasion.  The chicken’s original owner said they could kill it if they liked, since Cluck Cluck wasn’t able to produce any eggs.  Instead they kept the old bird as a pet, building a pen for it and whatnot, and now that act of kindness has been repaid by Cluck Cluck, the most heroic chicken in the world.

And for the record, Cluck Cluck saved the lives of two humans and one cat while being locked in a cage in the basement, while the couple’s good-for-nothing cats did nothing  more than run around on the main floor and alert no one, and did nothing, so don’t ever tell me that cats maker better house pets than chickens, because Cluck Cluck proved that is just not true.


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