Woman Wants To Marry Man Convicted Of Killing Her Twin

It sounds like the plot of a soap opera or a Hollywood movie but it is far from fiction.

Argentinian woman Edith Casas wants to marry the man who is currently in jail for murdering her twin sister,  Johana Casas who was a model. And the man she is engaged to is her sister’s ex-boyfriend, Victor Cingolani.

However, Casas believes her fiance is innocent and his lawyer says it’s the man Johana was dating at the time of her death, Marcos Diaz, who is guilty of killing her.  The model was found in a field with two bullet wounds in 2010.

Despite her belief in his innocent, Casas’ family doesn’t want the marriage to happen. They’ve won a court order to stop it claiming they think their daughter is psychologically ill.  If the marriage does happen, the family says they’ll see it as a huge betrayal. [ Source ]



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