Three Time American Olympian Admits She’s A Vegas Escort

Susie Favor Hamilton was a household name in America from the mid-nineties until 2000 and now the three time Olympian is getting popular again but not for mid-distance running.

The former athlete has been living a double life for most of 2012 as a high-end escort in Las Vegas, making $600 per hour.

Favor Hamilton tells media she knows it was wrong and she knows he made a huge mistake but admits she wanted to do it and that she’s not a victim in anyway.

She also said she used it as a way to escape for a rough patch in her marriage which is still intact even though her husband knew of her double life and couldn’t get her to stop it.

The truth came out after Favor Hamilton started telling clients who she really was and one of them sold told his story of being with her to a reporter. Now the world knows and Favor Hamilton, who is no longer working in the sex industry, says she’s going to make up for her mistake.  [ Source ]


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