Chinese Hospital Open “Brothel” Ward

Songziniao Hospital
Songziniao Hospital in Wuhan in China’s Hubei Province has gone somewhere no other hospital has gone before (at least that’s the presumption.) They’ve opened a “brothel” inside their facility.

For the right amount of money you can go into the special rooms equipped with the special tool, furniture and anything else to make your sexual experience very successful. However, it doesn’t come with condoms…. or ladies you pay to be your partner.

You pay for the room. And you bring your spouse.

The idea behind the facility is to help infertile couples get their groove on an get pregnant.

Nicknamed “sex wards” by Chinese media, the hospital is promoting them as “second nuptial chambers.” Inside the 50-square foot room you’ll find sex skill videos, costumes like nurses uniforms and other tools to help couple get in the mood and get busy. Still having trouble? For an extra fee you can get a “sex-skills expert” who’ll watch you perform and give you tips.

The hospital says the “sex-skills expert” is effective and told media, during a press conference, about some couples they helped;

“The reason the couple with a doctorate degree failed to conceive a baby after three years of marriage was found to be that the husband had mistaken his wife’s belly button for her vagina! Another civil servant couple had sex seven to eight times a night, resulting in fatigue and agony, because they thought the more times they had sex, the more likely the wife would get pregnant…”

Ummmm… mistake a belly button for a vagina? Perhaps sexual education classes in junior high and high school might be a good idea as well. [ Source] [Image]


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