Man Arrested While Riding Horse Drunk

Got a horse? Make sure you don’t ride it drunk or you could get arrested.

That’s what happened to a man in Bunnell, Florida.

He was riding his horse, after have a few too many alcoholic bevvies, and ended up attracting the attention of the police. You see, he was apparently disrupting the rail way tracks, perhaps riding his horse on them.

Police apprehended him, the 29-year old Charles Larkin Cowart told them he was riding to his grandmother’s house. They asked him to get off. He refused and took off on the horse, riding her as fast as he could until she tired and stopped. Cowart then ran but was caught by the cops (seeing as how he was drunk, I’m betting it didn’t take too long.)

Arrested and charged with obstructing an officer without violence and interfering with railroad tracks. At first he plead not guilty and was held in jail on $7,000 bail. Coming to his senses, and perhaps sobering up, he changed his plea and is now out after time served. He’s also been given three years probation. [ Source ]  [ Picture ]


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