Pet Turtle Escapes After 70 Years

There’s a turtle on the loose and his owner wants him back… but he’s not that upset about the turtle’s disappearance, even though he’s known him the whole 70 years of both of their lives.

“You can’t get close to a turtle,” Ed Schloeman told Buzzfeed.

Scholeman inherited Willie the eastern box turtle from his parents when they died 15 years ago. They had gotten four of the turtles in the 1940’s just before Scholeman was born and Willie is the last survivor.

Since inheriting the family pet, he’s kept him in an inclosed cage of sorts in his backyard, but sometime a couple of months ago he escaped and Scholeman has no idea how. He’s put up signs with his phone number on it but so far no word on the animal.

“He’s probably hibernating someplace somehow,” said Schloeman, a Vietnam vet who teaches Trancedental Mediation to other vets and sells security systems out of his home. “Hopefully if he unhibernates in April, a neighbor will find him.”  [ Source. ]


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