UFO sighting video from aboard plane turns out to be a NJ resort-casino hotel

In the last few days a serious Youtube video surfaced where some kind of object is seen with a glowing blue orb on top of it. See the video below:

The person who posted that video on Youtube also stated he would take it to CNN and other news media. Hopefully they’ll investigate properly before broadcasting it on TV because like most things on the Internet, including a lot of so called amateur actresses from shady and obscure adult sites, the video although real, has turned out to not exactly be what they claim it to be.

Technically, the video is real in the sense that it’s not been doctored or photoshopped in any way, however watching the next video (below) should make it clear that it’s not a UFO at all, for not only is it identified, but it’s also not entirely flying.


Yep. Turns out that the UFO is actually a 40′ illuminated LED ball, set atop the Revel Hotel in Atlantic City NJ so there, Internet hoax 0-Internet debunkers 1.


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