Driver falls asleep while waiting at McDonald’s drive through

A 19-year old-woman fell asleep at the wheel of her car after ordering herself a meal at a Sherbrooke, QC McDonalds drive through but while still waiting for her order. Police were called at the scene by a bystander that couldn’t wake the woman up from outside the car.

The woman, who’s name is withheld at this time, was found to have over twice the legal blood alcohol limit and will be charged with drunk driving. However she did fall asleep with her foot firmly planted on the brake pedal and thereby didn’t actually cause any accidents. She was nevertheless arrested at 3:15 a.m. on Sunday morning.

Local police have also announced that on the same night they’ve arrested another young woman, 20 years old this time, for drunk driving after she had lost control of her car and wound up embedded in a snowbank near the Sherbrooke University.

Sherbooke, QC. Home of the simulataneous drunk drivers and of the extremely slow McDonald’s drive through service.



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