Man Thrown From Bed After Car Crashes Into House

Ever been relaxing quietly in your bed, not a care in the world, until you are violently thrown from your bed because a car smashed into your home?

Me neither. But is can happen. Just ask Joseph VanDeven or Orillia, Ontario, Canada.

He was doing just that – reading a book on a lazy Sunday afternoon when suddenly a blue Mazda 3 hit the side of his apartment and threw him from the bed. The car had a collision with a silver Mercedes-Benz resulting in the house crashing.

“I was sitting on my bed, reading a book and all I heard was this huge smash and this thing was coming through the wall,” VanDeven told media. “It smashed my bed and threw me on the floor.”

He also says he thought it sounded like a grenade going off and that a building was about to fall down.

A renter, VanDeven called his landlord terrified about the experience. Even though he wasn’t injured he’s afraid this will happen again although this is the first incident like it in the four years he’s lived there.

No word on if he’s going to move or if the landlord might put up a big concrete wall to protect from further vehicles smashing into the property.

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