Toy Store Employee Fired After Ending Fifty Shades Of Grey Like Relationship

Life sometimes imitates art… or in this case the housewife aimed erotica of the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy.

An employee at Fantastic Kids Toys in New York claims she was fired after trying to end a relationship with her boss that was very much along the rough and naughty lines the characters in the famous book engaged in.

Her name is Amanda Reyes,26, and she says when she first got involved with her boss Steven Reins’ she was promoted to manager, went from making $10/ hour to $60,000 a year and had her rent and other expenses paid for.  In return for all of this financial gain, Reyes says she was “forced” to partake in sexual encounters that got “increasingly” more rough and included slapping, hitting and biting among other things.

When she tried to end it she was fired and now she’s filed a lawsuit against her boss. And perhaps she won’t sleep with the hand that feeds her in future workplaces. Generally that fantasy in the storybook is just a fairytale. [ Source ]


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