Chinese schoolboy requires jaws of life to remove broken bicycle seat from … Oh No!

This is one of those reports that should either be taken seriously, or dismissed as urban legend, however, there are photographs and they look legit so here goes.

On February 21st, a young boy whose name was withheld was riding to school on his bicycle when for an unforeseen reason, his seat broke off leaving a metallic alloy rod exposed. –The report says steel but I doubt that Chinese bicycles, in fact ANY bicycles made anywhere, still use steel.

The kid sat down on the rod, effectively causing his jeans and underwear to rip, allowing the rod to enter the dark side which in itself already has nightmarish qualities, but this wasn’t enough for the little rod that could.

It got wedged in the poor kid’s rectum.

The local firefighters were called to the scene where they were forced to use the jaws of life to quite literally rip the bicycle apart, allowing the young boy to be transported to hospital where he underwent a delicate surgery to remove the remaining part of the bicycle from his butt. He has since been released from hospital and is expected to make a full physical recovery although this experience might remain embedded in his brain forever, perhaps hidden away in one of the obscure drawers the mind creates, when confronted with extremely traumatic events, and that are depicted in cheezy movies featuring hypno-psychiatrists, sleepwalking and owls.

The report doesn’t mention whether the boy was wearing a helmet, or if the bicycle was wearing a condom. There are a few more pictures on the source websites below.

[source] (English) [source] (Japanese)


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