Breastfeeding Moms Protest Outside Cafe In Australia

Lactivists are uniting once again, proclaiming all breastfeeding mothers have a right to feed their babies in public. This time it’s in Australia.

Coming together at the Satellite Cafe in Sydney, a group of women held a “Nurse-In” in support of another mom who was told to stop breastfeeding her 9-month old baby inside the establishment.

The woman,  Regan Matthews, was told to stop by the owner, Ash Houghton.  Matthews says Houghton called breastfeeding in public an “offense against humanity” however Houghton says he never uttered those words. However, he did make sure Matthews stopped and left the cafe.

When other women and mothers heard about this they came to arms (or perhaps chests) to support Matthews and push forward a woman’s right to nurse her baby in public. Just another protest joining lactivists together in solidarity and another highly publicized win for the right to feed our newborns the way nature intended it.  [ Source ]


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