FDA Approves American version of Kinder eggs for sale in the USA

After having been banned in the USA since 1938 by a Food and Drug act, the Food and Drug Administration now opens the door to enclosing plastic, inedible toys within confections such as Easter eggs and other chocolate candy treats.

Absolutely true story, even if an American citizen orders an Easter egg off eBay or receives one as a gift, it is actually illegal to even have what we Canadians know (and love) as Kinder eggs inside the United States. But now, after extensive testing alongside New Jersey based Treasure candy company, the FDA has now approved the Choco Treasure confection for sale.

The main fear was that children would stuff the chocolate egg whole into their mouths, and choke on the toy. To prevent this happenstance, Treasure has devised a special plastic mechanism that essentially covers the inside of the chocolate egg, and has bright color markings, and apparently a delivery system to safely “eject” the toy.

I remember having been a child, I remember loving Kinder eggs and back then, there was no plastic capsule inside the egg, there was just my grand-mother telling me not to eat the whole thing at once because there was a plastic toy inside it.

There was the other issue as well, it wasn’t until I reached my teen-age years that I finally managed to stuff a whole Kinder egg in my mouth. Actually, I’m kidding, I’ve never tried, wouldn’t dream of it. The delicious chocolate is designed to be consumed slowly, sipped even.

Not gobbled down like Chubby Chicken.

The United States, where a plastic toy inside a chocolate egg warrants a 2500$ fine, but where you can also walk into a 7-11 and purchase lethal firearms.



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