Teacher Bring Blood To Class, Lets Students Taste It

A teacher in Sola, Norway has been fired after bringing in a vial of her own blood and letting students touch it and taste it.

The students were in kindergarten and between the ages of 3 – 6.

(Now, for the collective cry of WTF??? Gross.)

No reason is given as to why the unnamed teacher, who was a temp, decided to bring in a vial of her own blood which was taken earlier that day but parents are mortified.

How did it get in their mouths? Apparently the teacher poured her blood onto a plate for students to observe. Some asked to touch it and teacher said OK. Then when they asked how they got it off the teacher put her finger in her mouth and the youngsters followed suit.

School officials are also disturbed by these events and the teacher has been tested for HIV and Hepatitis B. While results of those tests aren’t in yet medical experts say the chances of infection for ingesting the blood this way are incredibly slim.

Perhaps some teacher is watching a bit too much True Blood and Vampire Diaries.  [ Source ]  [ Picture ]



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