Man Gets “Netflix” Tattoo, Rewarded With 1-Year Subscription

You’ve heard of people getting their favorite singers tattooed on their bodies, favorite sports teams too,  but a favorite online movie subscription company? This might be the first.

American man Myron Robinson, known as @TheRealMyron on Twitter, loves his Netflix subscription so much he got the name of the company permanently inked on his body.

To show off the work he sent a picture of it via Twitter to his followers and NetflixUS.

The feat wasn’t ignored by the massive media giant. Netflix Tweeted back, “NO WAY! Free year for you.”

Yes, Mryon made the decision to live with the company’s logo for the rest of his life, until his body flesh rots away the ink. Netflix rewards him with one year free subscription.

I guess he’s paying off the cost of the tat with the saved up membership fees.  [ Source ]

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