Female U.S. Navy sailor turns tables on would-be rapist, serves healthy dose of comeuppance


knifeLet this be a lesson to all would-be rapists—do not attempt to sexually assault women, because not only is it obviously a terrible, horrific thing to do, but you may choose the wrong woman like this guy did and end up on the wrong end of a much deserved beating.

A U.S. Navy sailor alleges that a Pakistani bus driver tried to rape her at knifepoint as she enjoyed a 24-hour leave at the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai while her ship was docked at Port Khaled in Sharjah . The alleged incident occurred as the 28-year-old sailor attempted to take a bus back to her waiting ship. Instead of arriving at her destination, she says the driver drove her to a secluded, isolated area and attacker her.

Said the sailor, known only as M.J., about the events (via Gulf News)…

She told the court that the suspect tore off her clothes and tried to rape her. “I resisted him to the best of my ability, but he touched me all over. He touched my breasts and bit me everywhere … the more I resisted, the harder he bit me,” the sailor testified.

M.J. said she stopped resisting when the assailant took out a medium-sized kitchen knife.

“For fear of him cutting me I did what he asked, but when he attempted to fondle my breasts again, I saw my chance. I knocked the knife from his hand, and had him in a stranglehold between my thighs,” the sailor told the court.

Apparently she bit and slammed him to the floor before getting him in the stranglehold and ending his ill-fated rape attempt. Oh yeah, she also broke his knife in two at some point, because not only is she a brave and quick thinking woman, M.J. is also a total badass.

The sailor reported the alleged attack to her superior officer, and the bus driver was arrested the following day and charged with attempted rape, assault, and illegally consuming alcohol. Knowing these Middle Eastern countries and their culture, the bus driver will probably have his testicles removed—literally—which would be a fitting punishment, seeing that he had them figuratively removed by one tough U.S. Navy sailor.


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