Strapless Dress Ban At New Jersey Jr. High School Causing Controversy

Parents and students are fuming mad in in Readington Township, New Jersey and it’s all thanks to a newly instituted ban at Readington Middle School… a ban against strapless gowns at the schools upcoming formal dinner and dance.

The school principal, Sharon Moffat, has decided that only “dresses with straps” will be allowed at this year’s function because strapless gowns are not only “inappropriate” but “distracting to boys.”

Yup, that is the 1950’s crap Moffat spewed in a letter to parents which is leaving a really bad taste in everyone’s mouth.

Parents are contesting it’s taking the girls right to dress the way they want which is outlawed in the American Constitution (14th amendment to be exact.)

Younger sisters are angry for being forbidden to wear a dress an older sibling wore years before. Others are mad because it’s against the constitution. But the best words come from 14-year old Claudine Nijenhuis, a student at the school.

In a letter to Principal Moffat she writes:

“Basically by saying ‘it distracts the boys’ you’re also saying that it is our fault on how they control their own behavior…I will still be attending the dinner dance function, but I will also be wearing a dress with no straps.”

Wise words indeed.

All I can say is Moffat must be a brave woman to start a feud in New Jersey. I’ve seen The Real Housewives of New Jersey and Jersey Shore… I’ve seen how they fight. It’s not pretty.  [ Source ]


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