NASA’s Rover Curiosity “accidentally” draws a giant penis on Mars

NASA’s Mars Rover Curiosity “accidentally” drew a giant penis on the red planet’s surface earlier this month, and NASA’s technicians, probably bored with having to wait a whopping 20 minutes for any command to apply, took a picture of it before making it public.

The image was immediately rendered viral earning over 40,000 thumbs ups and several million views by now, even momentarily crashing the NASA website as it was getting battered by continuous requests.

Curiosity is supposed to be on Mars looking for evidence that the planet might have supported any kind of life in the past. So far it managed to get us a selfie, a picture of a shiny piece of plastic it lost, and this photo of a giant penis on Mars.

This all makes me suspect that Howard Wolowitz might be somehow involved.

It also provided us with evidence that Mars may have harboured water and even perhaps bacterial life. Dissapointingly though, it has yet to find Marvin the Martian.

At least they didn’t draw it near the famous “face” on Mars…



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