Guinness World Record holder for zip-lining using only your hair dies during record breaking attempt


ziplineHere’s something I bet you didn’t know—there exists a Guinness World Record for traveling the longest distance on a zip wire hanging only from your hair. And up until this past Sunday that record was held by Sailendra Nath Roy, a 49-year-old police officer from India, who achieved the somewhat dubious distinction back in 2011 by zip-lining 271 feet using only his extremely durable ponytail.

However, Roy’s daredeviling career has come to an abrupt and sad end, during an attempt to break his own record fro zip-lining while hanging from your hair. The 49-year-old was going to cross the  Teesta River in West Bengal, India, on a nearly 600-foot long wire by only his ponytail. About halfway through his attempt something went wrong, and he ended up stopping in the middle of the line. After struggling and screaming instructions for nearly a half an hour Roy went motionless.

From Yahoo

Photographer Balai Sutradhar, who was covering the stunt, told the BBC, “He was desperately trying to move forward. He was trying to scream out some instruction. But no one could follow what he was saying. After struggling for 30 minutes he became still.”

It took authorities almost 45 minutes to get Roy down from the line. There were no emergency crews on site, according to the BBC.

Surprisingly it turns out that a heart attack felled the daredevil, probably induced by the stress involved in his stunt. Sadly, if only Roy had been prematurely balding like so many other men in this world, this horrible tragedy might have been averted. Well that, and maybe not zip-lining 600 feet using only your hair.


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